Meaning of Public Sector

What is Public Sector:

Public sector is the name given to the total set of State institutions that are dedicated to implementing and administering the policies, laws and programs in a country in order to guarantee its proper development.

The public sector ranges from the administrative divisions of public powers to the set of institutes, agencies and companies under the control of the State, both at the national, regional and local levels.

In concrete terms, the public sector represents organized society. It is their responsibility, therefore, to ensure the proper functioning of the economy, education, health, public services, national security, both internal and external, etc.

All those institutions that depend on the State budget for their operation and are directly accountable to it are part of the public sector, even if they have autonomy, as is the case with public universities.

The public sector performs functions in all areas of national life as it monitors, guides or supervises the development of society through laws, the design of policies and judicial arbitration.

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