Meaning of Seminary

What is Seminary:

A seminary, in its oldest meaning, is a teaching center in which religious training is given to priests or priests of the Catholic Church. The word comes from Latin seminarium, which means ‘seedbed’.

A seminar is also used to refer to a permanent academic department that is dedicated to the specialized study of a research area, in which study and analysis practices are designed. For example: "Philosophy Seminar of the National University".

Research seminar

A set of sessions and coordinated academic activities is known as a research seminar to learn about research advances within a specific specialty, be it scientific or humanistic. These types of seminars include activities such as lectures, talks, conversations, forums and cultural activities that provide spaces for professional improvement and for professional peers to meet.

These activities or sessions can be temporary or systematic. We say that a seminar is conjunctural when it refers to an event that concentrates in a few days different activities to disseminate the advances in a certain area, generate new debates and establish new opportunities for strategic research alliances, be it at a regional, national or international level. For example, the "International Seminar on Comprehensive Education SIEI, Mexico."

Some of these initiatives can eventually become spaces for continuous training that, by gathering similar characteristics (talks, lectures, talks) but extending indefinitely, become permanent seminars.

There are also research seminars integrated into the curricular training plans both in degrees and specializations, masters and doctorates. With an approximate duration of one semester or year, this type of seminars is intended to accompany the development of the research work of the degree candidates, so they become spaces to measure, evaluate, correct, deepen and improve projects .

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