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What is Signal:

The word sign describes a sign, manifestation or mark that provides the information necessary to identify an object, place, person or situation and its state. According to the subject, this information can serve to guide the performance of the subject who receives it.

The word comes from late Latin signalis, which in turn derives from signus, that is, "sign". Among the synonyms and related words, the following can be mentioned: sign, indication, indication, clue, mark, symptom, sample, vestige, trace and manifestation, among many others, depending on the context.

Examples: "You will recognize the house by the sign on the door." "Upon hearing the signal, everyone must run away." "The age of this skeleton is a sign that there was life thousands of years ago." "The main character is the one with the sign on his forehead." "Give me a sign of life." "The telephone signal is down."

The term sign It can also refer to a socially agreed sign, symbol or gesture, the purpose of which is to convey the information necessary to act in a given scenario. We then speak of danger or warning signs, traffic signs, safety signs, among others.

Example: "Juan did not pass the driving test because he did not know how to recognize traffic signs." "It is better not to enter the water; the lifeguards put up a danger sign." "Hospital nearby: respect the silence signal."

A signal can also be encoded, encrypted and transmitted information through various resources, which must then be decoded by those who share the code.

This type of signal can cover a spectrum as wide as: sign language for the deaf, the signals agreed between players of the same sports team such as baseball, or codes transmitted through technology. For example, the Morse code transmitted by telegraphs.

In telecommunications we also speak of an analog signal and a digital signal, both transmitted by means of electrical impulses, but both with different characteristics.

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Sign in religion

In the context of religion and spirituality, a sign is a tangible sign that the community of believers attributes to the divine will.

Therefore, an actuated signal is a guiding track and a coded message at the same time. Example: "This is the sign: you will find a child wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger" (Lk 2:12); "Lord, send me a sign of your will."

Sign in medicine

In medicine, "signal" refers to the set of symptoms that highlight the health of a patient. It therefore has the connotation of "hint". For example: "Yellow eyes are a sign of a liver problem." Another example might be: "Rapid clotting is a sign of good health."

Analog signal

We speak of an analog signal to refer the continuous type sine signals that transmit video and sound to a decoder that interprets them. They are represented by physical measurements. These types of signals are transmitted in real time. Microphones use this type of signal.

Digital signal

A digital signal is a system of binary codes (0 and 1), which generates square waves and a non-continuous signal. Each bit represents two different amplitudes.

The digital signal allows a higher level of information storage, and has the advantage that the reproduction does not affect the quality of the information to be transmitted. Devices that interpret digital signals include CD and DVD players.

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