Meaning of Sense

What is Sensatez:

Good sense is the quality of prudent people, with good judgment, who act and make decisions with maturity and sanity. The word, as such, comes from Latin sensātus.

Good sense is the ability of human beings to conduct their actions, deeds and thoughts, guided by common sense.

It is closely related to prudence and judgment in the way of acting, dealing with other people, thinking, deciding and communicating. In this sense, good sense is related to sanity.

Good sense also implies being objective and rational, being aware of things and acting accordingly. Good sense, then, helps us to foresee the consequences of our actions and allows us to evaluate the different possibilities and circumstances to act in the best way.

Sensible people are rational and prudent, they act honestly, basing their actions and decisions on the truth. You are not acting sensibly, for example, if you lie or cheat, if you are irrational or impulsive.

Good sense, for this reason, is a fundamental value in our interpersonal relationships, as it allows us to establish bonds not only based on affection, but also on mutual sincerity, trust and respect.

Synonyms of good sense are prudence, judgment, sanity, discretion or brains. While its antonym would be nonsense.

In English, good sense can be translated as good sense. For instance: "I have acted with good sense " (he acted sensibly).

Sense and feeling It is also the title of a 1995 film, based on a novel of the same name by Jane Austen published in 1811.

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