Meaning of Public Services

What are Public Services:

Public services are all those activities carried out by State bodies or under the control and regulation of the State, whose objective is to satisfy the needs of a community.

Public services are a function of the State, since the State is nothing more than a corporation of public services administered by the rulers on whom falls, in turn, the function and obligation to create, organize and guarantee the proper functioning of the services. public.

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In this sense, public services are required or contemplated by the legislation of each State, in which the activities and benefits allowed or mandatory in a country are contemplated.

Public services are administered by the State through public institutions created for such purposes, although they can also fall on private companies, as long as they are subject to the control, surveillance and supervision of the State, and comply with the regulations and laws in force. .

The importance of public services lies in the need to satisfy certain requirements for the proper functioning of society, and to promote and effectively realize the ideal of equality and well-being.

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