Meaning of Seta

What is Seta:

In general, mushrooms are called mushrooms that are characterized by having a structure with "umbrellas" or "hats".

Mushrooms are eukaryotic cell organisms, whose cell nuclei have a cell membrane made of chitin, like animals, or cellulose, like plants.

The fungus known as mushroom usually belongs to the category of basidiomycete fungi, to which the mushrooms or callampas belong (Peru, Bolivia and Chile).

A large part of the edible mushrooms are concentrated in the agaricomycotina subcategory, as, for example, the pleurotus or pleurotus which are commonly known as the thistle mushroom and the oyster mushroom.

Types of mushrooms

Mushrooms are classified according to the scientific categories attributed to the Fungi Kingdom. Despite this, hat-shaped fungi are often attributed to mushrooms, and that is characteristic of the basidiomycetes group.

Within this group, we can distinguish several classifications. One of them is its division by being edible or not.

Edible mushroom

Pleurotus ostreatus

Most edible mushrooms are of the agaricomycotina type, one of the three main clades (lineages with common ancestors) of the basidiomycetes group, to which the thistle mushrooms belong (Pleurotus eryngii).

Mushrooms have a high nutritional and protein value, being a highly appreciated ingredient in gastronomic circles.

Poison arrow

Fly agaric

Poisonous mushrooms or toxic mushrooms are characterized by having strong and striking colors. There are some that cause mild gastrointestinal pain, even some whose poison is capable of causing death.

Mushroom and zeta

The mushroom with "s" indicates a mushroom, such as "My mom cooks some delicious mushrooms." On the other hand, the zeta with "z" refers to the last letter of the alphabet, for example, "The Aztec word is written with a zeta".

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