Meaning of Shabbat

What is Shabbat:

Shabbat it is the weekly ritual of rest of the believers of the Judaism. The weekly rest day shabbat refers to the day of rest after the six days of work for the creation of the world, according to the book of Genesis of the Bible.

The word Shabbat, Sabbath or Shabbat comes from the Hebrew root composed of the consonants shin, vet Y tat and from the verb shavát which means "to put an end", "to cease" or "to stop".

The shabbat It is set for Saturday where it is mandatory to rest. The shabbat It is a day destined to get together as a family since it is not allowed to be far from home to rest and also a way of remembering that we are all the same because according to the shabbat all who create, be they animals or humans, must rest one day for each creation.

The shabbat has various customs to maintain an environment of "rest and holiness." Some of them are:

  • Candle lighting,
  • Preparation of special meals and the banquet of shabbat,
  • Use of special and festive clothing,
  • Use of special and festive utensils,
  • Concentration on spiritual elevation,
  • Physical satisfaction and delight,
  • Study of the weekly biblical reading.
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