Meaning of Shalom

What is Shalom:

Shalom means peace, well-being and is a form of greeting or farewell among Jews. The word shalom It originates from the Hebrew language, שלום, and conveys a desire for health, harmony, inner peace, calm and tranquility for the one or those to whom the greeting is addressed.

In Hebrew, words go beyond a spoken word but encompass emotion, intention, and feeling. That is why in several passages of the Bible the word shalom, which means peace, desire for well-being between people, nations, or between God and man.

Shalom aleichem, is a greeting often used by Jesus, and it means "peace be upon you." Shalom aleichem It is also the name of a song sung in celebration of the Shabbat.

Shabbat means Saturday and rest. It is the weekly day of rest in Judaism, which begins with sunset on Friday and ends after sunset on Saturday. On this day the expression is used Shabbat shalom as a greeting among the Jews.

The Arabic version of shalom it is salaam and it is usually used regularly even in Israel.

The Hebrew letters that make up the word shalom are, read from right to left:

  • Shin: letter number 21 of the Hebrew alphabet that means year, repetition and teaching.
  • Lamed: letter number 12 of the Hebrew alphabet that means to learn and to teach.
  • Vav: letter number 6 of the Hebrew alphabet that means "hook" and is used as a connector.
  • Mem: letter number 13 of the Hebrew alphabet whose meaning is associated with the mother.

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