Significance of Stealth

What is Stealth:

As stealth we call cautious silence, the secret that is kept about a matter or news, as well as the care with which something is done or is about a matter.

The word, as such, comes from Latin sigillum, which means ‘seal’, ‘stamp’, ‘brand’, in the sense of keeping something under seal, such as private or official documents.

Hence, sigil can also refer to a stamp, that is, to the utensil to stamp on the paper the signs that it has engraved, as well as, by extension, to the impression that it leaves stamped.

Sacramental sigil

The sacramental secrecy is the obligation that priests have never to reveal information obtained during confession. As such, confession is an inviolable secret, without exception, comprising the confessor and anyone who, for one reason or another, might be aware of what was said during confession. In fact, canon law absolutely prohibits confessors from using their knowledge, to the point that if they did, they would automatically be excommunicated.

Professional stealth

Professional secrecy is called the obligation that professionals in certain areas have not to disclose confidential information to which they have had access during the exercise of their profession. Professional secrecy is essential to establish relationships of absolute trust between a service provider and his client. In fact, for certain professions, professional secrecy constitutes a legal obligation according to which they must keep secret the information they have received from other people to whom they have provided a service. This is the case of the lawyer, the doctor, the nurse, the psychologist, the journalist, the social worker, among others.

Bank secrecy

It is called bank secrecy or bank secrecy to the power that financial entities have not to reveal data or private information of their clients before individuals or before the public administration. In this sense, it imposes the obligation of confidentiality on the information related to the operations that the clients execute within the banking system. Thus, it is limited to the relationship between the banking institution and its customers. Bank secrecy varies from law to law, and generally only yields when there is good cause.

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