Meaning of musical signs and their meaning

What are musical signs and their meaning:

Musical symbols or music signs are a series of graphic signs that represent musical sounds and values ​​and are used to write music.

Each sign has a different function, so they can indicate elements such as sound height, duration, pulse, rhythm, tonality, dynamics, etc.

The documents in which the music is written are called “scores”. Let's see an example of score:


A score is made up of several lines called “staves”. Each staff is made up of 5 horizontal lines parallel to each other, in which the musical notes that indicate the height and duration of the sound are written.

The staff lines are numbered from bottom to top. Therefore, the bottom line corresponds to the first line and the top line to the fifth.

In a staff, each line and each space between lines is named after a musical note based on a reference determined by the clef. The names of the musical notes are seven: do, re, mi fa, sol, la and si.

Location of the notes on the staff according to the clef.

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