Meaning of Dollar symbol ($)

What is Dollar symbol ($):

The dollar symbol ($) is used to indicate values ​​and prices, both for the different types of dollars, and for pesos. Therefore, the dollar symbol is actually a currency symbol that represents values ​​of different local currencies.

The dollar symbol is recognized by an S crossed by a vertical line ($).

The dollar is the official currency or currency used in the countries that were English colonies such as, for example, the US dollar, the Canadian dollar, the Australian dollar, the Bahamian dollar, among others. However, when it refers to the dollar symbol it is usually referring to the US dollar.

Differentiate between dollar symbol and peso symbol

To differentiate and know what type of currency the $ symbol represents, nomenclatures (ISO codes) are used for the official currency of each country, for example, the US dollar uses the nomenclature USD, the Canadian dollar is CAD, the Mexican peso is represented by MXN and the Chilean peso uses CLP.

In this way, the use of the dollar symbol can be accompanied by these nomenclatures to specify the currency. However, when the $ symbol is used together with the letters that indicate the country it represents, it is customary to use the first, the first (2 or 3) letters or the initials of the corresponding country.

For the US dollar, US is used (for the acronym in English for United States), for example, being US $ 1 a US dollar, C $ 1 a Canadian dollar and MXN $ 1 a Mexican peso.

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