12 Halloween symbols that you can't imagine what they mean

Halloween is a popular Anglo-Saxon holiday that celebrates the cult of the dead. Its name, which comes from English All hallow’s eve, literally means "All Saints' Eve".

According to legend, on Halloween night the spirits of the deceased roam the earth, and we can see witches and all kinds of scares.

There is a set of symbols traditionally associated with this holiday whose meaning will surprise you.

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Pumpkins on Halloween are generally used as a decorative motif. They are emptied, a diabolical expression is carved on them and a candle is placed inside.They are used to represent the souls trapped in purgatory.

They are said to be reminiscent of one Jack-o'-lantern, who according to an ancient Irish legend was condemned by the devil to roam the world as a banshee.


Halloween is also known as "Halloween". Witches, according to popular tradition, are sorceresses who use black magic. It is said that tonight the devil summons the witches to a party known as a coven, and that is why they can be seen during Halloween.

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