Syndrome Meaning

What is Syndrome:

The word syndrome refers to the set of symptoms that define or characterize a disease or a condition that manifests itself in a subject and that may or may not have known causes. As a general rule, the term is associated with negative states, revealed through a certain set of phenomena or signs.

There is an immense variety of properly identified syndromes. These can refer to both organic health conditions and unhealthy behavior patterns, which is why the term tends to be widely used in medicine, psychiatry, psychology, and social psychology.

Among the best known syndromes, the following can be mentioned:

  • Down's Syndrome;
  • irritable colon syndrome;
  • Tourette syndrome;
  • abstinence syndrome;
  • Asperger syndrome;
  • wasting syndrome;
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome;
  • Stockholm syndrome;
  • Peter Pan syndrome;
  • housewife syndrome;
  • Jerusalem syndrome.

Difference between syndrome and disease

Syndromes can be related to one or more diseases. This implies that syndrome and disease are not synonymous and, in fact, are different concepts. Let's see:

To begin with, a syndrome is a picture of known and identified symptoms and signs that may have one or more causes, not necessarily biological ones. As a general rule, the syndromes do not develop anatomical alterations in the subject who suffers them.

A disease has a biological cause and generates recognizable changes in the body, that is, it alters the state of physical health. In addition, it may happen that the disease does not have a specific cause or that it is not known.

An example of this can be the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). This syndrome suppresses the body's immunity, that is, it inhibits the self-defense system. Those who suffer from it are exposed to suffer from diseases that are a consequence of this condition, but it is these diseases that, in effect, deteriorate their body even if the cause is in the syndrome.

Down syndrome is another good example. It is a syndrome whose origin is known although its cause is not known, but people who have this syndrome do not consider themselves sick. In other words, it is a condition and not a disease.

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  • Disorder.
  • Disease.

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