Synonym Meaning

What is Synonym:

Synonyms are words or expressions that have the same or very similar meanings and that belong to the same grammatical category. Therefore, they can be substituted or interchanged in a text without it being modified in its sense.

The synonymous word comes from the Greek συνώνυμος (synonyms), which is composed of σύν (sin), which means 'with', and ὄνομα (onoma), 'name'.

Synonyms are used to expand vocabulary and avoid cacophony. However, they should be used with caution, checking that the term used is appropriate for the context.

Types of synonyms

Synonyms can be absolute, partial, referential or connotative.

Total or absolute synonym

The absolute or total synonyms are those in which two words mean exactly and rigorously the same thing, in whatever context they appear.

Examples of total synonyms:

  • Dentist and dentist.
  • Alone and abandoned.
  • Alphabet and alphabet.
  • Husbands and spouses.
  • Automobile and auto.
  • Thief and thief.
  • House and dwelling.
  • Affection and affection.
  • Mud and mud.
  • Gift and gift.
  • Surgery and operation.
  • Start and begin.
  • Computer and computer.
  • Greed and ambition.
  • Imagine and fantasize.
  • Crash and flip.
  • Honesty and honesty.
  • Dance and dance.
  • Motorcycle and motorbike.
  • Long-lived and old.

Partial synonym

The partial synonym is one in which the words manifest a relation of proximity or relative semantic affinity; therefore, it is only applicable in certain cases.

Examples of partial synonyms:

  • Joy and well-being.
  • Love and affection.
  • Clarity and ease.
  • Man and gentleman.
  • Woman and wife.
  • Food and feed.
  • Abdomen and belly.
  • Sunrise and day.
  • Current and energy.
  • Wind and blow.
  • Clear and white.
  • Humble and poor
  • Join and solder.
  • Pen and ballpoint pen.
  • Take and drink.
  • Disease and syndrome.
  • Employment and work.
  • Union and mix.
  • Room and room.
  • Running and fun.

Referential synonym

They are words that are used for the same referent, although they do not mean the same thing strictly.

Examples of referential synonyms:

  • Alex always trusted his dog. He was the best guardian.
  • Tea is my favorite drink. I've only been drinking herbal teas for a long time.
  • A library says a lot about its owner. It is the piece of furniture that keeps your memories and secrets.
  • Whoever has a grandfather has a wise man.
  • I thought my computer was not working, but all machines are the same.

Connotative synonym

They are words that are only used as similar in a circumstantial way.

Examples of connotative synonyms:

  • Lupe looked at the others with contempt. He was a monster capable of anything.
  • I paid a lot of money for that tea. When you drink it you will realize that it is liquid gold.
  • Neptune is the most distant planet in the solar system. For scientists it is an iceberg encased in gas.
  • She prepares the best cocktail. You have to test his invention.
  • Alex gave her a bouquet of flowers, but she did not want to accept such blackmail.

What is an antonym?

Antonyms are those words that express opposite or contrary ideas.

Examples of antonyms can be:

  • Good and bad.
  • Positive and negative.
  • Thin and fat.
  • Big and small.

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