Meaning of Synthesize

What is Synthesize:

Synthesizing is putting two or more elements together to create a new set.

The word synthesize derives from the Greek synthetizesthai which is made up of the prefix sym which means to join or together, thesis indicating a position and idzein which refers to the act of converting. In this sense, synthesizing is the result of the mixture of different factors that are mixed.

Synthesize is synonymous with summarizing, schematizing, clarifying, absorbing. Antonyms for synthesize are complicate, enlarge, increase, prolong, expand.

Synthesizing is the reorganization of one or more texts in order to encompass the most significant ideas or concepts. The act of synthesizing implies reflection, interpretation, development and foundation of the collected ideas that reflect in their essence certain degrees of subjectivity.

A synthesis, despite being used as a synonym for summary, has some differences, since the latter does not interpret but rather exposes the studied text in a simpler and abbreviated way. In this way, synthesizing is considered a form of study that leads to an improvement of an argumentative discourse and subsequent critical thinking.

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Synthesize proteins

In biology, synthesizing refers to the act of translating the functions of a protein through its amino acids. Amino acids synthesize proteins using the code that the RNA molecule gives it, extracted from the genetic information of the DNA molecule present in our cell nucleus.

Protein synthesis is a biochemical activity composed of the following components: messenger RNA, Ribosomes, Amino acids, Aminoacyl-tRNA-synthetase enzyme, Energy (ATP) and transcriptional RNA (tRNA).

See also DNA and RNA.

Synthesize in chemistry

In chemistry, synthesizing is obtaining chemical compounds from other substances.

Synthesis in chemistry serves, on the one hand, to develop natural substances from chemical reactions such as, for example, the extraction of ascorbic acid in the form of vitamin C from some fruits and vegetables or the acetylsalicylic acid present in willow leaves.

On the other hand, chemical synthesis also helps to create products that do not exist naturally, such as plastic or steel.

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