Meaning of Skere

What is Skere:

The word skere derive the expression in english lest get it, whose translation is 'let's get it'.

The distorted phonetics of this Anglo-Saxon expression generates a sound that resembles skere, especially if it is pronounced quickly, therefore, for some it is an onomatopoeia.

Skere It has become a word widely used by young people of the millennial generation, who have already included it in their daily vocabulary, especially to express happiness or that everything is going to be fine.

Also, this word is pronounced in the company of a gesture made with the hand in the form of "horns" in front of the forehead.

The word skere It has a musical origin, since it was the American trap singer, Gazzy García, known by his stage name as Lil Pump, who invented and popularized it.

In principle, the artist used the word skere In his social networks, it was later the most outstanding word of his hit song "Gucci Gang", which reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 list in 2017.

Since then, the use of the word skere it became common among young people, especially on social networks. However, for specialists skere In itself it is a word that lacks meaning, but it has been useful to obtain rhymes in musical compositions.

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