Meaning of Sketch

What is Sketch:

Sketch is an English word that translates various things into Spanish. It can refer to a subgenre of theatrical, television or radio comedy; It can refer to a type of essay or essentially short written composition; It can refer to the sketch or sketch of an image in the field of drawing and illustration, or it can also be used as a verb to refer to the very action of drawing or sketching. Its plural, as such, is sketches.

Sketch in comedy

Whatsketch It is called, in the field of humorous genre, a subgenre of comedy, generally a short piece, lasting between one and ten minutes, consisting of a single scene and which is part of a show or show.

Its origin is located in the theater, in England, more specifically in the vaudeville, a genre of comedy focused mainly on intrigues and misunderstandings.

With the invention of radio and television, sketches they were incorporated into variety shows, comedy shows, and entertainment shows.

Today, the sketch It has expanded to the internet and uses broadcast channels on the different audiovisual reproduction platforms available.

As such, there are different aspects of the genre: there are the sketches which are made up of a series of interdependent pieces, which address a theme or a specific type of character, such as Les Fâcheuxby Molière; and there are the sketches which are rather autonomous, independent pieces.

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