Skype meaning

What is skype:

Skype is a software that allows users to communicate through video calls, instant messages and share files with other people who own this program and anywhere in the world. Skype can be installed on the computer, telemobile or television.

To obtain Skype, the user must download the software on the company page, install it on any electronic device with internet access and perform the user registration, the latter consists of providing an email address, a name and a password that it can be remembered by the user and, finally, validate the account by visiting the link that you will receive by email and the user can now enjoy the advantages that this software provides.

Once the software has been installed and the registration is made as mentioned above, the user must add the contacts through the name of the user that he used in his registration or, failing that, the email to speak for free. The contacts available to chat are in online mode.

The calls, the sending of messages and files are free on the condition that both users enjoy the software, that is, Skype. Also, the user can make calls to other users who do not have this software but must buy credits, they can be payments with credit cards.

There is also a conference call service and others. This software is a resource widely used in companies, especially with those employees who are outside the country.

Skype was launched in 2003, in 2005 it was sold to eBay, and in 2011 it was acquired by Microsoft.

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