Meaning of Slim

What is Slim:

The word slim It is of English origin and it can be used as an adjective or verb. Slim used as an adjective it means "skinny, fine, thin, slender, scarce, insufficient". Instead, when it refers to the word slim as a verb it expresses "lose weight, decrease".

The term slim It can be used in different contexts with the idea of ​​expressing that a thing or person has a fine and thin structure. In reference to a person, specifically “slimperson"Which is the same" thin person ", one who has a slender, delicate, fine silhouette. Likewise, when referring to a piece of clothing “slim”Is one that was designed to lengthen the silhouette of the individual and show a slim and elegant figure, such as Slim fit”Which expresses“ elegant, fitted, fine ”.

The word slim It can be observed in some articles of lean in order to identify the purpose of the product. In this case, it is a product that its use generates the reduction of excess weight that an individual possesses, such as: "milk slim". Also, it is used in certain aesthetic treatments, such as "Laser slim" which aims to eliminate localized fat.

The term slim It also includes electronic devices such as: televisions considered "slim" are manufactured with image tubes with a reduced thickness compared to televisions with cathode ray tubes, due to the meaning of the word slim, previously mentioned, the television "slim”Is characterized by being thinner and having a better resolution than plasma or LCD televisions. Also, the Xbox 360 "slim”Is a fine, elegant model produced by Microsoft.

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