Meaning of Snack

What is Snack:

Snack is the generic name for light foods that are eaten between meals or that accompany parties and other entertainment occasions.

The term comes from English and can be translated into Spanish as an aperitif, snacks, snack, picada, appetizer, snack, snack, snack or snack depending on the country.

Usually the snacks they are eaten at snack times or while doing social activities, such as a meeting, a party, or a movie day at home or at the cinema.

At parties, snacks They are served as an accompaniment to spirits, whether the party includes a banquet or not. In addition to temporarily satisfying hunger, snakcs also to reduce the undesirable effects of alcohol in the body.

Each country has countless recipes for snacks depending on available foods and culinary traditions. Thus, they qualify as snack all kinds of snacks, canapés or tapas. For example: croquettes, tempuras, spreads and much more.

Some foods that do not require preparation, such as cheeses, hams and nuts, or that are very simple to prepare, such as popcorn, also work as a snack.

Snacks industrialized

There are many options for snacks industrialized, among which we can mention the potato chips in packages or bags, Mexican tortillas (nachos), balls or cheese sticks, etc.

For the elaboration of snacks Industrialized root crops and cereals are mainly used as raw materials, for example potatoes, corn, soybeans, etc., and these are often enriched with protein.

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