Solenoid Meaning

What is the Solenoid:

Solenoid is a coil of wound conductive material that works through electromagnetic fields to open or close a valve.

Solenoid is a spiral of a conductive material that has the ability to generate a magnetic field through the application of an electric current inside. Therefore, solenoid is synonymous with electromagnet or solenoid valve.

The most common use of solenoids is to control the opening and closing of a valve for the passage of gases (pneumatic systems) or liquids (hydraulic systems), for example, in air conditioners, tomography or resonance imaging. magnetic (MRI), in motorized vehicles, in electromagnetic doors, speakers and microphones.

The opening or closing of the solenoid valve is based on the electromagnetic impulses of the solenoid that attracts, by its magnetic force, the piston or cylinder towards the center of the coil, actuating or opening the valve.

Solenoid in biology

In biology, the solenoid refers to the quaternary structure of the levels of DNA structures that consists of the coiling of a set of nucleosomes. The solenoid, in turn, also twists into chromatin - the substance of the cell nucleus.

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