Meaning of Solidification

What is Solidification:

Solidification is the change of the physical state of a substance from liquid to solid, without altering its composition.

Solidification occurs with the decrease in temperature, for example, when water or a liquid is put inside the refrigerator and it becomes solid, when the oil that was used for cooking is cooled, when a liquid metal is transformed into a solid form or when liquid water becomes solid creating hail or snow precipitation.

Solidification, as well as fusion, is part of the precipitation process that belongs to the water cycle, which determines the way in which precipitation falls from the atmosphere towards the land or sea surface.

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The solidification point, also called the freezing point, is the temperature that must be reached by the substance to change from a liquid to a solid state while remaining constant. The temperature of the solidification point coincides with the temperature for the melting point, which is the reverse process, since the process is reversible like all physical changes.

In solidification, the substance loses energy, contrary to fusion, where the substance absorbs energy.

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