Meaning of Solution

What is Solution:

A solution can be the answer to a question, the result of a process or the outcome of an issue. The word, as such, comes from Latin solutio, soluti┼Źnis.

Thus, the solution can be that which allows us to solve a problem or doubt. For example: "The solution to your question is right under your nose."

A solution is also the end or result of a process. For example: "The solution to the conflict requires the recognition of all parties."

It is also called a solution to the outcome or conclusion of an issue or business that was problematic or conflictive. For example: "The transaction reached its solution when the employer intervened."

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Solution in chemistry

As a solution, also called a solution, it is called a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances.

The solution is the result of the mixture between the solute, which is the substance that dissolves, and the solvent, which is the substance in which a solute dissolves.

There are different types of solutions depending on the amount of solute dissolved. However, since solubility will always vary as a function of temperature, these classifications are made taking a constant temperature as a reference.

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Types of chemical solution

  • Unsaturated solution: it is one in which it is always possible to add more solute, as it will have the ability to dissolve.
  • Saturated solution: it is one to which no more solute can be added, as it will not be able to dissolve.
  • Supersaturated solution: is one that contains more dissolved solute than the solution would admit at a given temperature. To achieve this type of solution it is necessary to increase the temperature to increase the solubility.
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