Meaning of Conflict Resolution

What is Conflict Resolution:

Conflict resolution or conflict resolution is the set of techniques and skills that are put into practice to find the best, non-violent solution to a conflict, problem or misunderstanding that exists between two or more people and even staff.

Also, the term conflict resolution is used in the area of ​​mathematics and other sciences, as in physical theory, among others, in order to indicate a particular study problem.

However, it is important to mention that a conflict is understood to be anything that causes a disagreement between people, a personal problem in a complicated situation and an armed or violent confrontation.

For this reason, specialists have determined that conflicts are part of the life and interrelations of the human being and, which in turn, are an impulse that allows people to realize when something is not working correctly.

Hence, conflicts are considered to motivate and generate changes as part of their consequences.

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Types of conflicts

It is important to mention that there are different types of conflicts, this in order to know what are the best means or techniques for their solution. Conflicts can be:

Intrapersonal: they are individual conflicts when being in the middle of a situation that generates anxiety and insecurity when making the best decision.

Interpersonal: when there is a problem between two or more people.

Intergroup: when conflicts or disagreements occur between groups of people and work, study or sport teams, among others.

However, conflict resolution can have both a positive and a negative result, that will depend on the degree of difficulty and the interest of those involved in finding the best solution for everyone.

Means for conflict resolution

Conflict resolution is a task that must be developed in time to resolve the situation as soon as possible and in the best possible way, avoiding above all any violent method. Among the main means to be carried out, we can name:

The first option to consider always involves reflecting and accepting that there is a conflict, on the part of those involved, about what happened and defining what really happens.

Then, with the help of a mediator, if possible, find the best way to negotiate and obtain the best solution for the parties involved. At least four options can be obtained from the negotiation, which are:

  • Win - win: everyone wins by taking the best solution.
  • Win - lose: the interest of one is superimposed on that of the other.
  • Lose - win: you choose to lose in order to reach the end of the conflict soon.
  • Lose - lose: everyone involved loses, they do not reach any profit.

During the negotiation, both those involved and the mediator must respectfully communicate the solutions, as well as maintain a calm and integral posture, analyze the conflict objectively and consider the positive and negative of the situation.

Once the best solution to the conflict has been selected, action must be taken as soon as possible to bring the situation to an end.

At the end, objectively evaluate what the results were achieved.

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