Meaning of Sorority

What is Sorority:

The term sisterhood refers to sisterhood between women with respect to social gender issues.

Sorority is a term derived from Latin soror which means sister. It is a neologism used to mention the solidarity that exists between women, especially in patriarchal societies.

The concept of sisterhood is being used more and more in issues related to gender problems such as, for example, the fight for gender inequality, the "Not one less" campaign, feminism, changes to eradicate machismo, among others. aspects.

Sisterhood refers to the support, coexistence and solidarity between women in the face of social problems that arise in society. Sisterhood is a value, like fraternity, but linked to the union, respect and love between the female gender.

The term sisterhood began to be coined in the area of ​​social sciences to conceptualize the need for the creation of natural ties and alliances between women in order to eliminate the social oppressions that affect them, such as patriarchy.

Sorority is a contemporary way of seeing feminism that has suffered a lot of criticism due to its inflexibility and intolerance, which ironically is also present in machismo.

Sisterhood is a new way of facing social problems through a more intimate and comprehensive relationship between women, thus creating the empowerment of the female gender in today's society.

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