Meaning of Spam

What is Spam:

Spam is a term of English origin in which it refers to an unwanted, unsolicited electronic message with an unknown sender, sent to a large number of users. The content of a spam is usually advertising in order to promote a product or service of a company.

The term spamming is the action of sending electronic messages and spammer is the designation given to its author. Spam can be carried out in different ways, either: social networks, forums, blogs, web pages, among others and, the most used email. Despite the fact that these unwanted emails are generally advertising types, there are other types of spam such as viruses and filtered pages that are activated when entering the page and, sometimes without having to access the page.

Similarly, there are other types of spam with malicious objectives, such as: messages that seek the user to publish their personal data or their bank account, some messages encourage the user to forward it to their contacts to expand the database email data of spammer, among others.

The relevant characteristics of the spammingThey are sending messages to a large number of users at the same time and the absence of the recipient's authorization for the use of their email. In relation to this, Mexico has the Federal Consumer Protection Law, which contemplates that emails sent for advertising purposes must contain: name, address, telephone, email of the provider or of the company that sends the email of the provider, likewise , the supplier must respect the consumer's decision regarding the quantity and quality of products that he wishes to receive or not to receive any commercial notice. In the case of non-compliance with the regulations, the creditor can be fined under the amount considered by the authority.

Likewise, it is extremely important that the users who receive the email have the facility to do unsubscribe (usually found at the end of the email), since otherwise the company may damage its image and be seen as spammers. Unsubscribe it is a users option to leave an email list.

The word spam was to designate a product, specifically a corned beef, it was the food of the Soviet and British soldiers in World War II. Later, this term came to designate spam after a humorous sketch by the British group Monty Phyton where the word spam was repeated incessantly and, as a result, someone classified the spam messages as spam.

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