Meaning of Spin-off

What is Spin-off:

It is known as spin-off to narratives centered on characters from original works of fiction, be they books, series, movies or video games.

Spin-off It is a word in English that refers to “a turn that becomes independent of a greater one”, that is, a by-product.

In the realm of fiction, spin-off they are narratives derived from his original works. The spin-offs Most popular are those that arise from films, television series and anime series, such as films derived from the series of the Star Wars (Star wars) by George Lucas; series derived from characters like Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory (The Big Bang Theory) and derived anime about parallel worlds from their original stories.

In this sense, the types of spin-off indicate the nature of the original fiction, for example, whether it is a spin-off of a character in a movie, is a spin-off of a movie, if it's about a series it's a spin-off series and if it is about video game universes they are called spin-off of videogames.

The spin-off is a resource that is used to create fiction with characters that have already conquered an audience, starting with a relatively certain success. They are by-products that maintain the diversity of the initial world while maintaining the interest of their followers, such as spin-offs of the world of Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.

The series and cartoon industries have largely dominated the creation of spin-offs. Other of the most used universes for the creation of series and derivative films are those that belong to Marvel comics.

Spin-off business

In the business world, a spin-off is a business initiative that arises from a subsidiary division of a company that already exists. In this area, it is called a “commercial spin-off”.

They are also considered business spin-offs university students, ventures promoted by members of university communities using data and technology from the same universities.

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