Meaning of Underestimate

What is Underestimate:

To underestimate is to value a thing or person below its value. The word underestimate is made up of the prefix "sub" which means "below" and together with the verb underestimate it refers to the appreciation of the object or person below its value.

In reference to the above, the term underestimate will always be used in a negative sense since it can be related to dismissal or contempt for a living being or object.

In relation to the above, underestimation is always present in social relationships many times without the human being being aware of it, for example when a person is estimated or appreciated for their physical appearance when it does not allow to value intellectual capacities , the abilities, among other characteristics of a human being.

Likewise, the opposite of underestimation is overestimation, which consists of giving more value to an object or person who does not actually have it.

The term underestimate can be used as a synonym for: minimize, belittle, despise, undervalue, among others. Some antonyms of the word underestimate are: overestimate, pride.

The word underestimate translated into English is underestimate.

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