Meaning of Sublime

What is Sublime:

It is known as sublime to everything that is seen as eminent, that reaches a high level on the scale of moral, intellectual or aesthetic values.

The word sublime comes from Latin sublimis. However, there is controversy about the meaning of its components. The word is made up of the particle sub which means "low' or "from the bottom up." Some say the second part comes from limis which expresses "limit", that is, under the limit. Others, on the other hand, maintain that it comes from limus, which means "oblique". Hence the meaning of "what rises in the air" would come from.

Sublime is an adjective that comes from the term sublimate. In the area of ​​physics, sublimate It is the direct passage that takes matter from the solid state to the gaseous state, without going through the liquid state.

Hence the adjective sublime in a figurative sense in people and works that stand out from the whole in terms of excellence, superiority, beauty and perfection.

Thus, sublime can be used to exalt the value of a sublime poetry, a sublime painting, a sublime art. In this sense, the adjectives extraordinary, glorious, great, eminent, elevated, ideal, fantastic function as synonyms.

The term sublime It is attributed to the Greek professor and writer Longinus, who used it in his work About the Sublime, rediscovered in the Renaissance. This work enjoyed great popularity during the Baroque and Romanticism. In this last period, the term sublime gained particular importance.

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Sublime in philosophy

According to the philosophy, sublime It is that which damages or destroys the observer, causing severe pain, as it is impossible to assimilate the object that is perceived. The sublime term is an extreme beauty, which goes beyond the rationality of the viewer.

In this sense, for the philosopher Immanuel Kant, the sublime is that which is absolutely great, causing discomfort to the spectator by overcoming his capacities.

In relation to aesthetics, a branch of philosophy that focuses on the study of beauty, sublime is that which transcends the beautiful and human, is admirable, splendid, considered divine, which exalts the heart and mind.

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