Meaning of Sustainability

What is Sustainability:

As sustainability we define the quality of sustainable. As such, in areas such as economics and ecology, sustainable is something that can be sustained over time without depleting your resources or harming the environment.

In this sense, sustainability is the ability of a society to make a conscious and responsible use of its resources, without depleting them or exceeding their capacity for renewal, and without compromising access to them by future generations.

Sustainability would be, therefore, to produce goods and services from our resources (natural, energy, economic), at a rate in which we do not deplete them and in which we do not produce more pollutants than those that the environment can absorb without being harmed.

Sustainability or sustainability?

A common question is wondering if the correct term is sustainability or sustainability. While in the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy Only the word sustainability appears, which refers to the quality of sustainable, the word sustainability has been gaining, with the passage of time, greater roots among the Spanish-speakers of Latin America.

So since they both mean essentially the same thing, both uses are correct. But sustainability is more common in Spain and sustainability is in Latin America.

Economic sustainability

Economic sustainability comprises the implementation of a series of economically profitable and ethically fair practices, governed by criteria of social and environmental responsibility.

In this sense, it promotes a rational use of economic resources that allows, from the use of the minimum resources (means, matter, energy), the maximization of benefits. Its objective is to achieve, through a conscious model of economic development, a certain level of social well-being that provides the entire population with the possibility of accessing a good standard of living and having the same opportunities.

See also Social responsibility.

Environmental sustainability

As environmental sustainability, it is called the efficient and rational administration in the use of natural resources, without compromising the ecological balance. As such, the concept of environmental sustainability states that the use that we make of our natural resources today should not harm or limit the needs of future generations or of the species that inhabit the planet.

In this sense, it considers that a healthy environment offers a community greater possibilities for development and economic and social well-being, and understands that the degradation of natural resources threatens our own survival and that of other species.

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