Meaning of Sustain

What is Sustain:

The word sustain is a verb that refers to the action of providing and offering both food and all those resources that are necessary for the development of life. It is a word that is derived from Latin substitute, and indicates hold or hold from below.

For example, "Eating fruits is important to provide and sustain the body with various vitamins and minerals", "It is expensive to support zoo animals with food and other resources."

However, sustain is a word that can also be used in different ways. For example, support can indicate to support or support a body or object, “The beams that support that construction are large”, “Those iron tables support the heaviest machines”.

Likewise, the term support is used when people give and defend an opinion or the research result, in order to highlight and value what is expressed. In this case, sustaining indicates taking a position on a certain issue.

For example, "The results are supported by the theoretical bases of various authors." "I support my words on the facts that occurred and verifiable."

When students prepare a research work, one of the steps is to base and sustain the information that is provided. In this sense, support refers to the action of presenting in a clear and concise way the theoretical and methodological bases of an investigation.

The word sustain can be replaced by various synonyms, depending on the intention and context in which the word is used. Among these: endure, bear, feed, support, defend.

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