Swap Meaning

What is Swap:

Swap It is a word from English that we can translate into Spanish as barter, exchange or barter.

Its use today has been extended to multiple activities and processes that involve any type of exchange.

In the financial field, it refers to exchanges of goods or services, while for information technology the swap It is an exchange space on the hard disk of a computer used for the management of certain processes.

The swap (or exchange), has even recreational uses, with the use of face-swapping applications (Swap face), or its use in works of fiction in reference to situations where characters change bodies (body swap).

Swap financial

In the field of finance, such as swap (or financial swap) is called the exchange of goods or services between two parties in the future.

In this sense, the swap It is an agreement by which the two parties fix the amount of the future financial swap, establish the payment schedule, the duration, among other things.

As such, it is a contract seeking to meet the specific needs of both parties.

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