Meaning of TDMA

What is TDMA:

TDMA stands for Time Division Multiple Access, which in Spanish translates Multiple Access by Time Division. As such, it is a second generation wireless technology used in telecommunications.

TDMA digital cellular systems, in this sense, are capable of using a common channel for communications between multiple users, since the information units are distributed in several time slots. The channels, as such, can be divided into up to eight different time slots.

Hence, with TDMA technology, each user who makes a call is assigned a specific time slot for transmission. In this way, multiple users can use the same channel at the same time without interfering with each other.

In addition, since a telephone only needs two periods of time to send and receive an audio, the remaining time can be used for other operations such as, for example, that the user has a call waiting signal or that he can switch between two calls.

TDMA technology, which began to be developed in the 1980s, was not implemented until 1992 by some of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. Currently, both in Europe and in Japan TDMA is used because it is a simple, very reliable technique, and widely proven in commercial communication systems.

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