Meaning of Technicalism

What is Technicism:

It is called technicality to all those words that have a specific meaning and are used as part of the languages ​​or jargons of the various branches of the sciences, humanities, as well as, in various areas of human development.

For example, in medicine the word "surgery" defines a type of intervention through which one seeks to cure a disease or alleviate pain.

Technicalities are used in many professional areas or trades, have a particular meaning and generally lack a synonym, especially in the areas of science and technology. The technicalities designate and define a method, object, concept, activity or trade.

These words are characterized by having a denotative meaning, that is, they describe a reality. They avoid ambiguity and do not need a context to recognize their meaning.

Technicalities are not part of common parlance, especially when it comes to science. However, in the various branches of humanistic studies you can find technicalities with synonyms.

Technicalities are usually used in research texts, theses, articles, among others, in order to disseminate information. If you do not know the meaning of a technicality, it is advisable to consult a specialist dictionary.

Many of the technicalities are derived from words from Latin, Greek, or other languages ​​and can be made up of one or more words, such as “clone” or “Gross Domestic Product”.

These types of words are abundant and technicalities are constantly being created or updated, especially in the area of ​​technology and other sciences.

Technicalities are generally used by those who have knowledge in a specific professional area or trade and, consequently, many people who are unfamiliar with a particular area may not understand exactly what those words refer to.

For example, if a chef explains to a musician the cooking techniques he uses to make a recipe, the musician may not understand him and, vice versa, if the musician talks to the chef about the notes and rhythms he uses in his musical compositions.

However, there are an important number of technicalities that are used in daily life and for various circumstances, for example, when we talk with a friend about the gigabytes of a particular device, about current wages or a fraud.

They are technicalities that have been incorporated into common and appropriate language, but which should not be misused.

See also Scientific text.

Examples of technicalities

Below are several examples of technicalities and the areas where they are used.

  • In technology and computing: web, hardware, HTML, USB port, drum, software, microchip, thoner, among others.
  • In medicine: endoscopy, abscess, pathological, bulimia, geriatrics, hypertensive, prosthesis, syndrome, among others.
  • In economics: assets, liabilities, price index, macroeconomics, salary, tax, remainder, among others.
  • In marketing: product, strategy, distribution, market niche, dossier, target, among others.
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