Meaning of Telemetry

What is Telemetry:

It is known as telemetry to the system that allows the monitoring, mediation and / or tracking of physical or chemical quantities through data that are transferred to a control center.

The telemetry system is normally carried out by wireless communication but it can also be carried out through other means such as: telephone, computer networks, fiber optic link, among others. Telemetry is used in very diverse areas ranging from motor racing, aviation, astrology, through agriculture, oil industry, medicine and even biology.

The objective of telemetry is to allow the mediation of physical or chemical quantities, to know the states of the processes and system, as well as to remotely control the operation, correct errors and send the information collected to an information system for its use and benefit. .

The telemetry system works by means of a transducer as an input device, a transmitter medium in the form of cable lines or radio waves, signal processing, data recording or display device. The main function of the transducer is to convert the physical or chemical magnitude such as: temperature, pressure, vibrations, voltage, into an electrical signal, which is transmitted at a distance in order to be recorded and measured.

Telemetry allows to monitor the levels of liquids in rivers, containers, tanks, among others, it allows to measure the parameters of fluids such as temperature, pressure, flows, and the monitoring of the environment such as the property of wind, water, air, and detect gases dangerous to it. In the same way, it predicts when a natural disaster such as a tsunami may occur, through radio telemetry, which measures the behavior of waves and sizes.

Etymologically, the word telemetry is of Greek origin "TV' which means "distance" and "meter”Which expresses“ measure ”.

Vehicular telemetry

Vehicle telemetry provides insight into engine performance, aerodynamic efficiency, oil pressure, tire grip, brake wear, and other car measurements that are important for the driver's progression in the race.

Telemetry in medicine

Telemetry in medicine consists of measuring or recording electrocardiographic processes at a distance. Specifically, these records are observed in a central computer located in the infirmary, in which it allows to obtain knowledge of the electrocardiograms of all the patients connected by means of wireless radio transmitters.

Spatial telemetry

Space telemetry makes it possible to obtain measurements carried out on board the satellite from the ground, which is of utmost importance for human safety. On the other hand, it allows to control flight tests and verify airplanes, probes, missiles, among others.

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