Meaning of Telework

What is Teleworking:

Teleworking is a work modality in which the worker can comply with the workload from a place outside the company using information and communication technologies (ICT, for its acronym) for this.

The word, as such, is formed from the prefix TV-, which means 'at a distance', and the word job, which would come to mean 'remote work'.

The teleworker, therefore, carries out his tasks from a place other than the company's domicile. You can work from home, from an office coworkig (or coworking), or from any other place conditioned for the purpose, such as a cafe, a public library, etc.

You can use different electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones and digital cameras, among other things, as long as they have an internet connection.

For communication and task management, teleworkers use email, instant messaging platforms or videoconferences, etc., as well as all the tools available on the web to carry out their work.

Teleworking allows the worker to determine their working methods and define their organization of time and resources, all of which differs from what a worker normally does in an office.

One form of teleworking is known as freelance, or self-employed or self-employed, in which a worker can take on jobs or projects without having to be present on the spot.

Teleworking is a good option for people with reduced mobility who, for different reasons, find it difficult to commute to work.

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