Meaning of Tenacity

What is Tenacity:

Tenacity is an attitude that encourages individuals to resist adversity in order to achieve a goal or objective.

The word tenacity derives from Latin tenacĭtas, and refers to the quality of being tenacious. For its part, tenacious means "to resist change or deformation", and derives from the Latin taniz.

As synonyms for tenacity, the words firmness, resistance, strength and perseverance can be used.

Tenacity is an attitude of life that many people who want to fulfill a purpose be it academic, professional, personal, among others, rely on it. Tenacity implies effort, determination, and endurance.

You may fail many times before achieving the goal and you want to give up because of adversity, but whoever uses tenacity firmly insists until he achieves what he wants.

For example, "He passed all the tests with tenacity and won the gold medal." "His tenacity determined his success"

On the other hand, tenacity can also be considered as a value and a life behavior through which individuals propose to be successful in an object.

This implies being aware of the challenge and understanding that to achieve the expected results you must dedicate time, perseverance and apply knowledge in order to achieve what you want.

Tenacity is an attitude in life that can make the difference between success or giving up on a dream.

See also Tenacious.

Materials toughness

Tenacity is understood as the physical property that materials have to absorb mechanical energy during their deformation before it achieves or does not break or break. The material that resists this energy is called tough.

Toughness is a measure by which the energy absorbed by a material before breaking is calculated.

Now, the toughness of materials is due to the degree of cohesion of their molecules, therefore, this property is variable depending on the material to which the energy is applied.

Materials can be classified, according to their toughness, as brittle, malleable, sestile, ductile, flexible or elastic.

For example, a material is flexible when bent and it does not break or return to its original shape. As fragile a glass can be mentioned, when absorbing the energy of deformation it breaks easily.

Another example, elastic materials such as rubber bands or rubber bands can resist deformation and return to their initial shape or break.

Hence the toughness of a material is affected by applied stress, energy and speed. Hence, it is related to resistance, although both are different terms.

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