Meaning of Have

What is to have:

Have is a verb that means belonging to someone. Having expresses the possession of something in a material or figurative sense, applied to all the senses.

In all societies the word have is widely used in all aspects of life. Issues related to couple relationships, for example, are the problems that are most asked on the internet due to social pressure to "have a relationship."

Having in a material sense refers to the possession of things especially referred to in terms of private property such as: having a house, having a cell phone, having a field, having a tree, having a dog, having a pet, etc.

Having used in a material sense but in terms of more complex concepts that involve relationships with others is used for example when you have a mortgage, have a contract or have a job, in which they involve economic and labor relations with third parties, but also it refers in terms of having a pregnancy or having a baby that involve sentimental and vital relationships.

Having can also refer to the immaterial possession of a skill, quality, or feeling. For example, when talking about someone who has a personality, it means that he makes his opinion known and is not taken over by others, having health means the absence of diseases, having love means that there are close people who care about the person, having professional experience means that a person has worked in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir studies, etc.

Have in English can be translated as "to have"or"to be" for example: "I have black hair"I have black hair;"I am 20 years old", I am 20 years old.

To point out the importance of having the popular saying "Better a bird in hand than a hundred flying" is used.

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