Meaning of Theocracy

What is Theocracy:

Theocracy is a form of government whose leaders consider themselves to be guided by a divinity.

In theocracy, power resides in God and therefore it is common that in practice it is exercised by ministers and religious hierarchies such as, for example, members of the clergy.

Before Christianity, the political orders did not define the separation of the church and the State, so both the laws and the civil society were based on the religious concepts that prevailed in a given society.

Theocracy is made up of two Greek words with Indo-European roots. The first word is theos which means god, but in its religious concept, that is, the idea of ​​god, and the root kar which refers to strength or power.

Today theocratic systems still exist, such as Saudi Arabia and the Vatican.

Theocratic governments in the Western world suffered a severe blow during the Enlightenment or Enlightenment in the second half of the 18th century, having its peak with the work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau on the Social Contract that separated the church from the State.

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