Meaning of Territoriality

What is Territoriality:

Territoriality is understood to be the domain or jurisdiction that a State, person or animal has over a certain territory, zone or region. The word territoriality derives from the word territory.

Territoriality is the safeguarding of a particular territory or property in which a set of regulations or laws is established for the care of said space, the regulation of certain actions or the restriction of the entry or exit of certain individuals.

In this sense, the meaning of territoriality also encompasses other terms such as defense, security, belonging, privacy, identity or domination. Therefore, territoriality is related to various areas of study of both the Social Sciences and the Natural Sciences.

On the other hand, territoriality is also related to the area of ​​Law, since it has to do directly with the legal fact that is stipulated in each State in order to establish justice and equality between people.

Human territoriality

Human beings establish their territoriality through the dominion and care of a geographic space through the creation of laws, the organization of its inhabitants, the promotion of a sense of belonging and, the protection of the sociocultural values ​​that identify the groups. social.

Likewise, territoriality allows the development of concepts such as border, identity and culture. In this way, each social group can recognize its territoriality and identify with it.

For example, in each country there is legislation that determines the ownership and defense of the geographic space, as well as its identity and the cultural values ​​that identify the citizens of a territory.

Animal territoriality

Animals also tend to instinctively mark or delimit their territoriality in order to prevent others from occupying their area. The mechanisms most used by various animal species are to leave marks through scratches on the trunks of trees, leaving traces of urine or feces.

These maracas left by the animals are made with certain regularity in order to reinforce them, especially during the heat or winter seasons.

For example, cats are animals that tend to establish their territoriality by leaving their scent in various parts of their home or space where they live. Hence, cats tend to rub their bodies on various objects such as the corners of furniture, among others.

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