Meaning of Terrorism

What is Terrorism:

Terrorism is a form of violence used by certain extremist organizations to instill terror in the population, generally for political, ideological or religious purposes.

Terrorism operates through different forms of physical violence (kidnappings, assassinations, attacks, torture, etc.) or moral violence (destruction of property, explosives, fires), carried out repeatedly and indiscriminately against the civilian population or against certain military targets. to cause social alarm and influence or coerce governments and societies to make or not make certain decisions that interest the objectives of terrorists.

Terrorism is used by many organizations at the national or world level that proclaim themselves as political organizations in defense of certain ideals. In this sense, they can be organizations of the right or left, political or religious, colonialist or independent, revolutionary or conservative.

As such, the concept of terrorism has a strong political charge from which it derives that, on occasions, it is used by spokesmen for governments or political organizations to accuse their adversaries and delegitimize their struggles. In the same way, it happens that those who are so qualified reject it, since they consider that their fight is legitimate.

International terrorism

When terrorism arises at levels that exceed national borders and is practiced internationally by groups with certain organizational structures in different countries and regions of the world, it is said that we are dealing with international terrorism. This type of terrorism, as such, has some peculiarities regarding its objectives and dimensions. In this sense, international terrorism takes the form of violent acts, kidnappings or attacks perpetrated by these organizations in different parts of the world. They generally have certain ideological, political or religious goals in common. Examples of international terrorism are the attacks of September 11, 2001 in New York, those of March 11, 2004 in Madrid, or those of November 13, 2015 in Paris.

State terrorism

State terrorism is called that which is practiced by the governmental entities of a country against the population, with the purpose of instilling terror. It uses psychological and physical violence to achieve certain political goals. State terrorism takes the form of kidnappings, disappearances, torture, assassinations or extrajudicial executions perpetrated against people who openly or clandestinely oppose the political regime. These types of practices were used by military dictatorships in Latin America for much of the 20th century.

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