Meaning of Tertulia

What is Tertulia:

A gathering is a gathering of people who come to a place with some regularity to talk or debate on certain topics.

The gatherings are usually informal meetings that are held with certain periodicity to comment, discuss or comment on current issues or interest in the literary, artistic, philosophical, scientific, political and even sports fields.

In the gatherings, the participants, also known as contertulios or tertulianos, are generally intellectuals, artists, scientists and, in general, influential people in their corresponding areas.

The objective of the gatherings is not only to talk or debate, but also to find out or share information or knowledge on certain topics.

In fact, the socialists participate more or less depending on their knowledge on the subject. Sometimes they may even just listen and follow the conversation.

The gatherings are usually held in public places, such as bars, cafes or beer gardens.

The tradition of the gatherings is long, especially in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, where some of the most notable intellectuals became regular assistants or entertainers of some memorable gatherings.

The Ibero-American gatherings, in this sense, are comparable (but not identical) to the meetings held in Europe by the literary academies of the 18th century, the salons of the 19th century in France, as well as artistic meetings, circles and clubs in general.

The origin of the gathering is possibly traceable to the critics' meetings in the comedy corrals, later to a theatrical piece, to comment on the staging.

Synonyms for gathering are meeting, evening, huddle, group, cenacle, club, circle, conversation, colloquium, talk.

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