Meaning of Tesina

What is Tesina:

The thesis is a monographic work of length, complexity and less demanding than the thesis, which in some universities is required to obtain degrees lower than the doctorate. The word, as such, is a diminutive of the word thesis.

The dissertation is a work that involves documentary, field or practical research to study a specific problem within a specific subject or discipline.

The main objective of the thesis is to offer students the possibility of developing a first research task, more extensive than the monograph, but less demanding and complex than the thesis. Its length, in this sense, should not be less than 20 pages.

See also Monograph.

In it, the student must demonstrate competencies to carry out research with academic rigor, applying everything learned during the career, and using a research methodology.

In addition, the dissertation allows the teacher to evaluate the student's knowledge, ability and mastery of the different research methods.

See also Research methodology.

Difference between thesis and thesis

The thesis and the thesis are similar in that they both involve the preparation of a monographic work for which a process of research, data collection and analysis is necessary, as well as the application of a research methodology. They differ, however, in their length, complexity and requirement.

The thesis is a more complex, detailed and systematic work, and requires a particular scientific rigor in the documentation, analysis, data processing and application of research methodologies. In addition, it is a characteristically more extensive work, carried out mainly to access the title of doctor.

The thesis, on the other hand, is a monographic work of less length and complexity that aims, like the thesis, to study a specific problem. However, it is a much more elementary and simple research work compared to the thesis.

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