Meaning of advertising texts

What is Advertising texts:

Advertising texts are a communication tool through which you want to persuade the receiving public or potential clients to purchase a product or service.

In turn, the advertising texts can be accompanied by a slogan or phrase that is constantly repeated in order to fixate on the minds of the recipients and even generate what is called "mass culture".

It is a resource that works to highlight, identify and promote the product or service with respect to other brands.

This type of text has two very specific purposes: to issue information through which a product or service is made known and to stimulate the recipient to acquire it.

However, advertising texts as a tool also stand out for being used to deliver important messages with social, cultural and educational values.

These messages can reach large masses of consumers and generate positive attitudes, modify habits or customs and even political tendencies.

These types of texts usually support their content with various images or audios in order to capture a larger audience and spread your message and your product or service more quickly and easily.

Advertising texts are also characterized by making use of various literary, auditory and visual resources that are usually very attractive to the receiving public.

Among the resources that are usually used are: metaphors, rhymes, hyperbole, play on words and their phonemes, funny or typical phrases, jokes, among others.

Types of advertising texts

There are different types of advertising texts according to their intention, the product or service that is offered, and even according to the recipient public to whom it is desired to issue said information.

Argumentative advertising texts: they state the reasons why they recommend buying or making use of a product or service, through its description and presentation of its benefits, in such a way that it is attractive and is marketed quickly and in large quantities.

Narrative advertising texts: these advertising texts usually present a short story in which the product or service to be offered is highlighted. In some cases, phrases or songs are used that are pleasant and remain in the memory of the receivers for a certain time.

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Examples of advertising texts

Advertising texts are as varied as products and services are offered on the market.

However, there are certain trends that are usually used according to what is offered, be it a food, drink, medicine, clothing, footwear, tourism, politics, among others.

Globally recognized brands such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull or others, use phrases that are humorous and that tend to encourage the consumption of their product because it generates a satisfaction or a feeling of well-being, “Red Bull gives you at".

The advertising texts related to politics make use of phrases that generate confidence and images in which the political person is exposed to the problems and in the search for solutions. For example, "I am the voice of the people", among others.

Regarding food-related products, the advertising texts usually offer information about the benefits of consuming them and how they can be prepared in various recipes, in addition to complementing the texts with images of the food.

The same occurs with advertising texts for clothing or footwear, which offers information about the quality of the product, durability and is even compared with other brands with which they compete.

In general, on many occasions these advertising texts are accompanied by images or the voices of famous people such as athletes, actresses, actors, journalists, models, among others, in order to attract more recipients.

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