The 5 most common types of bullying at school

Bullying It is a type of verbal, psychological and physical bullying, harassment and intimidation that is generated among children and adolescents, generally during the school stage.

The bullying It is a type of violence that is characterized by being an emotional attack that a group of young people exert on another person (the victim), who is weaker or unprotected. Unfortunately, it is an increasingly common occurrence in schools, where levels of violence and cruelty are increasing.

There are several types of bullying generated by various causes, including the low self-esteem of the bully who enjoys feeling superior by mistreating another, as well as personal, family or school causes.

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Bullying verbal

The bullying Verbal is characterized by the fact that the harasser expresses his mistreatment by means of the word inventing stories, making use of threats, insults, nicknames, exclusive or mocking phrases about the appearance, disability or sexual condition.

For example, "There is the four eyes", to those who have glasses because they have some visual difficulty, among others.

Bullying physical

The bullying Physical is classified into two types: direct and indirect.

The bullying Indirect physical is characterized by being a set of manual actions that do not cause physical harm to the victim. For example, when the abuser steals someone else's personal belongings or leaves anonymous notes with intimidating messages.

The bullying Direct physique is more noticeable and easier to detect because of the body marks it usually leaves. Aggressive behavior includes kicking, hitting, shoving, tripping, among others. For example, when a classmate is circled and kicked for being different from the others.

See also the meaning of bullying.

Bullying Social

They are the set of actions carried out by aggressors in order to exclude a person from a social group, either by ignoring their presence, excluding them from an activity, discriminating against them because of their economic situation, among other things.

For example, not allowing a classmate to participate in a group activity as being clumsy.

Bullying sexual or sexual harassment

It is a type of harassment or harassment of sexual connotation. In general, the victims are mostly girls. It can leave serious psychological consequences. Examples of this type of abuse are sexist or obscene comments, physical attacks such as rapes, among others.

Bullying cybernetic

This type of harassment is carried out through electronic media and its various communication channels through which abusive, offensive messages can be sent, images, videos or personal data can be shared and this information is made public in order to attack another. .

For example, constantly receiving offensive messages, for no reason, through various social networks, by an abusive person who intends to harm us verbally and psychologically.

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