Meaning of Throwing in the towel

What is Throwing in the Towel:

"Throwing in the towel" is an expression that people use when they find themselves in the middle of a difficult situation, from which they give up and want to give up what they are looking for or wanting.

Therefore, "throwing in the towel" means giving up, abandoning a fight, fighting no more and surrendering when you know that you will not be successful or victorious in a situation. It refers to the abandonment of a search, goal or objective that can be both personal and academic, work, sports and even love.

This expression derives from boxing or boxing since, when in the middle of a fight a coach throws in the towel to the ring or ring, he is indicating that his boxer must give up the fight because he is not in a position to continue. In this way, major or serious injuries that may lead to irreparable damage are avoided.

When this happens, the boxer gives up and ends the fight.

On the other hand, "throwing in the towel" in love refers to those people who are in a romantic relationship but want to give it up for various reasons.

For example, they consider that it is not worthwhile to continue fighting because unfortunately it is an unrequited love, the feelings towards the other person have changed or the relationship no longer gives for more, among others.

However, it is important to make sure before "throwing in the towel", what are the real reasons why you decide to stop fighting for love.

In English, throw in the towel can be translated as give up or throw in the towel depending on the context in which it is used. For example, "We must not throw in the towel" translated as We must not give up; "Keep fighting, don't throw in the towel at the end" translated as Keep fighting, do not throw in the towel at the end.

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