Title Meaning

What is the Title:

The title is a word or phrase with which an issue, subject of a book, literary, scientific work, film, game, among others, is made known. The title word is of origin "Titulus".

In reference to the above, at the end of a movie, game, television program, among others, the credit titles are presented, in the form of a list that generally scrolls from top to bottom or, vice versa, on the screen with the names of all the artists, production team that participated in the project, as well as their roles.

In the academic area, title is the diploma or recognition that a person receives for successfully completing and with the qualifications required by the university or institute a career, a diploma, a course, a master, among others, for example: “my mother has the law degree ”,“ I am studying to obtain a degree in tourism ”, and so on.However, by obtaining the degree, he proves to be a person trained in performing the functions inherent to it, which is why all the degrees obtained are placed in the curriculum vitae in order to provide security and demonstrate the intellectual capacities for the position. in which he applied.

See also Master.

The title is each of the parts into which the regulations, laws, books, study topics, among others, are usually divided, and these in turn can be divided into other points, which allows the reader to have an indication of what it will be about. The reading and, in turn, the presence of titles in the reading is very useful since it allows the reader, in the case of not being able to continue with the activity, to have the knowledge in which title or point he left it to resume it in another moment more easily. Due to the above, the Constitution of Mexico contains a title I and, in turn, is divided into 4 chapters in which it refers to human rights and Mexican citizens.

In the legal field, title is the origin or legal basis of an obligation or document where it is established that the individual is the owner of the property as "title to the property of a vehicle, of a house."

In the chemical area, title is the amount of a substance present in a solution, in order to have knowledge of the aforementioned, the quantitative chemical analysis method, known as titration or titration, is used.

Likewise, the term title, holder and titled should not be confused. The title term is the person who is in charge of giving a title, name or inscription to something, for example: “the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho is going to title his book as Verónica”. Also, headline is the title of a publication or news of greater importance at that specific moment, which will be published in large and bold letters such as: "Today's headline is the national march for Ayotzinapa arrives in Mexico City this Thursday." In turn, the expression titled is the 3rd person singular of the past indicative “she titled her article as the economic crisis of 2015”.

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