Meaning of Tizón

What is Tizón:

The medium stick to burn is known as tizón. That is, it refers to the wooden stick that is burned in a sector, or is in the process of combustion. For example: "the fire already has enough brands."

In a figurative sense, smut is the stain or disgrace on fame or esteem. Understood as an act or action that led the individual to a bad reputation, which harms their social environment and all aspects of their life. An example of the definition given to the term, "the act of corruption was a blight on his professional career."

On the other hand, Tizón is a term used as a surname in some Latin American countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, among others).

Early and late blight

In the agricultural area, Alternaria solani is a species of fungus that causes a disease in potato crops, known as early blight, affecting the foliage of plants.

This fungus generates spots on the stems and leaves, causing damage that ends up rotting the tuber.

Hytophthora infestans, on the other hand, causes late blight. It is a type of parasite that destroys tomato, potato and other crops that are intended for human consumption.

Both are spread by the wind. There is no treatment as such for this problem, only certain recommendations to prevent or control the pest, such as the use of fungicides, and cleaning the land, especially in the second case, since late blight is caused by the hibernation of spores in infected tubers, especially those found in the soil from the previous year's crop, and is propagated in hot and humid climatic conditions.

Blight and rope

In the area of ​​architecture, there are different types of ways to arrange construction materials.

In this sense, "rope" is the arrangement of the blocks horizontally, that is, the longest part is the one that is visible (length dimension). For its part, “a tizón” is the placement of the blocks on the shortest side (width dimension).

Now, the combination of both "rope and brand" is also used, in which the arrangement of the blocks alternate, one on its longest side, and the other on its shorter side. It is a technique widely used in Hispano-Muslim architecture.

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