Tolerance: definition and examples in 7 images

Tolerance refers to the ability to respect everything that is different from one's own, that we do not share and even that cannot be repressed, that is, opinions, beliefs, feelings, customs, among others.

Being tolerant does not refer to being indifferent, on the contrary, it is a moral value that allows us to recognize and accept differences towards everything that is different for us, generates discomfort or we do not share.

Tolerance of cultural diversity

Tolerance is an element that runs through societies so that people respect each other and live in harmony despite the differences in the various cultural and traditional expressions. Respecting and valuing cultural diversity is an example of tolerance.

Political tolerance

In the area of ​​politics it is important to listen, analyze and respect the different ideological tendencies of those around us. It is an example of tolerance to hold political debates with due respect and taking into account the importance of exchanging opinions and proposals.

Tolerance of religious worship

Respecting the religious customs of those who profess a faith different from ours is synonymous with tolerance. It is not a question of debating which religious cult is superior or inferior to the other, but rather of respecting and learning from the different expressions of faith.

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