Meaning of Nonsense

What is Nonsense:

Nonsense is stupid, stupid, the product of a lack of intelligence or common sense: "For minor nonsense the voters practice the punishment vote."

It also designates a silly saying or fact, without reason or without importance: "But what nonsense you say", or a thing of little interest or importance, a trifle: "Look at what nonsense of furniture, it fits anywhere".

The phrase "foolishness" means acting or doing things in a foolish, thoughtless way, without considering or weighing its consequences. For example: "Don't do something stupid, find out before making a decision."

For its part, the expression "fair nonsense" refers to the idea that we all, from time to time, do something nonsense, but that we should not overdo it, because we would become complete fools. Hence, it has also been the name of a humorous television program.

Synonyms of nonsense, in this sense, would be: stupidity, stupidity, folly, nonsense or bullshit; nonsense, nonsense or nonsense; clumsiness or ineptitude; trifles, trinkets or trifles.

The antonyms for nonsense, meanwhile, would be: sharpness, sagacity and wit.

In English, nonsense can be translated as foolishness or stupudity. For instance: "Este country is a victim of our foolishness”(This country is a victim of our foolishness).

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